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Hi my name is cookie-kit,I hope we can get along!!

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Do you guys like homework 

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Do you guys have any tips on how to draw Terriermon and Lopmon's eyes,jesus 
i keep ordering from the same chinese restaurant and i really feel like at this point they’re tired of me ordering the same thing from them,all the time.
i feel hungry but i dont want to eat.....
(So I really want to start my Digimon fighters series,but I still don't have a tablet so I'll type it out in chapters and then the comic will come out when I get it,plus updates will be irregular because of school and stuff,anyways with that out the way,let's get on with the fic.)
(Also there's swearing involved so yea.....)

Digimon Fighters-Chapter 1-"And so it begins..."

One bright,warm sunny morning on a Monday,everyone was getting up and getting ready for either work or school,while,Takara Wilfur,was too busy oversleeping until she woke up to the golden sunshine pelting her face to get up,Takara sleepily opened her baby blue eyes and looked over at her clock,the time reading 7:49,once she realized the time,she sprang up in surprise,"Oh no,I overslept!!' Takara shrieked and bolted out of her bed and towards the bathroom,taking the quickest shower ever and brushed her teeth faster than a Cheetah,Takara threw on her uniform and ran downstairs to her mom making breakfast and her dad at the table,sipping some coffee.

"Morning Taka-" her dad started

"Sorry dad,can't talk right now,bye!" Takara hurried,shoving a piece of buttered toast in her mouth and running out the door,her mother stood at the left-open door and sighed,shaking her head,"How many times have I told this girl to set her alarm clock before she goes to bed?" and then she closed the door to continue her cooking,the microwave's timer starting to go on the fritz a little,Mrs.Wilfur didn't really notice it.

Takara was lucky enough to make it to school in time,her friends,Simone Richards,Fionna Foxtrot,Ginger Pawbelle,Brandy Furwither and Alex Fluffletail,sitting at their usual table at breakfast,waiting for Takara to show up.Takara walked up to the table and nervously put her paw behind her head in a nervous matter,"Heh heh,sorry guys that I was late,I overslept" the kitty sheepishly said,"Takara,you're late every damn day,it's only a miracle that you dont show up late." Fionna retorted,everyone at the table erupted in laughter while Takara puffed up her cheeks in anger.

"That's...not true....."

During English class,as the teacher was droning on about the lesson,Takara quietly exchanged looks of boredom with Ginger,who was next to her,"Glad to know we're on the same page."Takara whispered while Ginger giggled,then as soon as the teacher turnt away from the smartboard to do something,the smartboard began to glitch hard and was even audible,everyone in the class was in shock as the board continued to go crazy until it eventually stopped,Takara and Ginger were surprised and then looked at each other again,except it was in shock and fear,what's going on here?

At lunch,the group of girls discussed the technology going crazy in their respective classrooms before lunch,"Yeah the smartboard in the room went crazy too..." Brandy mumbled "What's going on?" "Maybe they finally bit the dust?" Ginger suggested while shrugging,"Or maybe it's probably some kind of digital entity trying to contact us via our technology!" Simone jumped up,everyone at the table just stared at her,"Simone,I dont really think that's true..."Takara said,Simone blushed as she mumbled something and then sat down in shame. Takara laughed and got up to throw out her food that she didn't even touch,the food at her school was really bad,just like their budget.
As Takara made her way to the trash can,a leg sprang out and tripped her,slamming her face onto the dirty,dust-infested floor,the food flying onto her fur and clothes,the girls at the table looked up in shock and ran over to Takara to see if she was alright."Takara,are you okay?" Simone asked in worry."Im fine,Simone." Takara reassured while Alex and Fionna helped her get up,the boys at the table laughing at her,"You're really stupid!" one dog cackled "Tripping over your own paws!",the harsh words from the dog's mouth pricked everyone's nerves,
"Listen here,you're the one that tripped her!" Fionna barked "Don't play dumb!"
"Don't play dumb?,I didn't trip her you dumb bitch!" the dog bully spat back.
"You're a bitch yourself,you asshole!" Fionna growled,baring her fangs.
Takara looked somberly at her friend fighting with the bully that picked on her everyday,the two throwing swears at one another,a group of animoids circling around them,thinking that a physical fight would start,closing her eyes to fight off the tears that pricked her eyes as Simone and Alex took her to the girls bathroom to clean up,there where two strange,small figures looking through the window,they had watched the whole ordeal between the cat and dog,having Takara's face fresh in their minds.

"Yes...That's her alright,Takara Wilfur...." 

It was finally the end of the hellish school day,as the sun set,Takara stared sadly at her paws as she walked home alone,the same two figures from lunchtime watching Takara from the top of the school building (spoilers: it's a cloaked Hackmon and Meicoomon if you guys are confused.) "Don't let that girl out of your sight....." the figure said to the other,the other nodding and the two jumped into the trees and onto the ground to follow Takara. After one slow walk home,she finally made it home with her mother standing in front of the house,waiting for her daughter,Mrs.Wilfur noticed the tear stains on Takara's fur and ran over to her,"Takara,are you alright,is there anything wrong?" the kitty mother worried,before Takara could even open her mouth to tell,a Golden Labrador with somewhat rusty fur woman rushed up to the two,"Excuse me,are you Takara Wilfur?" The dog asked,Takara shook her head yes and was imminently shot with nasty words from the woman."Listen here you little RAT,I've been hearing from my son that you've been picking on him everyday!" she growled,it clicked,this woman was the mother of the dog bully at school,Mrs.Wilfur was fully aware of the bullying that happened between them and stepped in,Takara had used to come home everyday telling her what happend,Mrs.Wilfur had gone to the principal many times of the situation,but he still kept picking on the poor girl and it seemt like he's been coming home,twisting the stories around to make it look like Takara's the bully instead of him,and his mother wouldn't doubt a word he said."Listen here,my daughter isn't shallow like your son to be picking on people!" Mrs. Wilfur yowled back at the dog."Oh really." she sneered "my son isn't a complete fucking retard like yours! I'd outta send her to a fucking mental institute!" Takara stepped back,the words piercing her heart as tears began to prick her eyes again."Takara,get inside now!" her mother yelled and Takara didn't hesitate to run inside,running straight into her room,locking her door.The two women yelling at each other ringing into Takara's ears.

She sank onto the floor,crying." retarded,i dont know how anyone puts up with me...." Takara's window was somehow open and something jumped in from the window knocking over something onto the carpeted floor and the sound caught the weeping cat's attention.She looked up to see a strange looking cat with long,scarf like appendages coming from her shoulders and strange eyes staring up at her. Takara jumped back in surprised and was lucky that the door was behind her to keep her from falling over."you' strange lookin cat...." Takara quipped.The cat stood up and cleared her throat."Takara,My name is Meicoomon,I've been sent to your world by Azulongmon to awaken your digimon partner." Takara gave her a dumbfounded look "W-what...?" "Let me explain,say you got a computer anywhere?" Meicoomon asked,Takara pointed to her desktop in the corner of her room and Meicoomon walked over to it,jumping into the chair. Meicoomon pressed the power button to the device and waited for it to boot up."So I take it that you're being bulled at school,right?" Meicoomon quizzed,Takara nodded her head,"I do you know anything of the Digital world?" "H-huh?What's the digital world and why are you here???" Takara exclaimed,Meicoomon signed and turnt the swivel chair to Takara.

"Let me explain why I'm here...."
"The Digital world is in danger,there is a group of Digimon called the Seven Demon Lords and they're out to revive this Digimon who has the potential of destryoin g our world and maybe even yours,Millenniummon,If he awakens,he'll go rampant and it's all over,Long ago,we had a group of tamers and their digimon who fought Millenniummon,they managed to seal him away but they used up all their life to do so and.... they died,leaving behind their friends and family back at this world,their digimon had become Digitamas and to this day,we still don't know where they are....but now you and your friends are destined to take up their role and defeat Millenniummon for good and the demon lords,that's why Im here,to awaken your digmon."

Takara was in disbelief at everything this digikitty had to say,she was destined to protect an unknown world to her? how would she do that???
The computer finally booted up and Meicoomon turnt back to face it."Well,now that your computer's boot up."
Meicoomon's eye's shone with a red aura surrounding her and the screen glowed too,Takara was scared,what was Meicoomon doing?
then a Digitama and a strange Device that was light purple came from the computer,plopping into Meicoomon's paws."Here you go!" she smiled and Takara took the tama and device from her.
The Digitama was mainly purple with dark brown stripes lining the sides and a red triangle in the middle,in her paws held a strange device,"Meicoomon,what is this?" the cat questioned as she held it up."Ah,that's your Digivice" Meicoomon replied.
"Yup or your D-10,you use this to evolve your partner,hold them inside of it and it can research data on digimon you don't even know about,It's a really wonderful tool!"
Takara took in all the info of her D-10 and sat the Digitama on her fluffy bed,as soon she placed it on her bed,it began to shake."Whoa,It's gonna hatch!" Meicoomon exclaimed and jumped on the bed.The Digitama kept shaking,each shake getting more violent and then it stopped and began to glow.The Digitama blew up in a great big light that enveloped the room,Takara and Meicoomon brought up their arms to block out the blinding light and then there was a small purple dino head in place of the tama. The two pulled their arms down to see a small digimon in place of the digitama. Takara brought up her digivice to the digimon and a hologram of information on it appeared and it read it out loud in a female,monotone voice.

"Dodomon,a slime digimon
A Baby l digimon whole body is covered in the tough fur "Mithril Hair". It manifests an aggressive personality immediately after being born, and despite its fangs not yet being grown, it opens its mouth wide and completely intimidates the opponent with the manner in which it snaps at them. Because of this, there exist many Digimon which are completely deceived, but it is still a rare Digimon. If an opponent approaches, it spits "Chīsana Tetsu Tsubu" from its mouth."

"Aww,it's so cute!" Takara gushed and picked up the furry digi,it smiling at her warmly at her,"I think she already likes you!" Meicoomon exclaimed.
The three spent the rest of the day playing and teaching about the world around them,during this time,Dodomon had evolved to Dorimon.Takara had gotten several text messages from her friends to see if she was alright from today but Takara couldn't be bothered to answer any of them,considering her new digipals were making her feel better.

Nighttime fell as the three was sleeping,well Takara and Meicoomon anyways because Dorimon had gotten up and became restless,growling and scratching against the window.The sounds woke the kitties up,"Dorimon is there something wro-" Takara didn't even finish her sentence as Dorimon charged through the window,breaking the glass and landing on the hard gravel of a ground,Dorimon could sense a digimon nearby and ran in the direction of the sense. Takara and Meicoomon stared at the broken window in disbelief."We have to catch Dorimon,Takara,C'mon!" Meicoomon shouted and ran out the door,Takara snapped out of her shock and grabbed a robe,her flashlight and D-10 and ran outside.The D-10 was able to pick up where Dorimon is and the two were able to find Dorimon in some kind of Digital field like fog,the two ran in to see Dorimon growling and baring her fangs at a unknown digimon,Takara picked up her digivice to analyze it,

"Agumon,a reptile digimon.

A child level Digimon which has grown up and become able to walk on two legs, it has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur. Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear. It has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle. It is also a being that foretells evolution to a great and powerful Digimon. Its Special Move is spitting flame breath from its mouth to attack the opponent (Baby Flame)."

But something looked off on this Agumon,it's eyes were completely red and there was some kind of dark ring around it's arm."That ring on his arm is what must be controlling him!" Meicoomon exclaimed. Dorimon charged at the Agumon but the Agumon clawed him away. "Dorimon!" Takara shouted as she ran to her digi's side,"Gummimon wait!" came a familiar voice,Takara looked up to see her friends running into the field with their own digimon. Simone had a Gummimon,Fionna had a Chocomon,Ginger had a Nyaromon and Jungemon,Brandy had a Sunmon while her little sister,Savannah Furwither, had a Moonmon and Alex had a Xiaomon. They all ran in and saw Takara on the ground,clutching her partner in her paws."Oh...Hey Takara..." Ginger sheepishly said."You guys have your own digimon too?!" the kitty exclaimed. Fionna ignored her question and ran up to hug her,"Oh jeez,Takara you had me worried! Why didn't you pick up your phone or answer your texts?" It was very clear that she was very worried about the kitty.

Takara had no time to respond because their digimon plus Dorimon leapt out of Takara's arms, ran up to the Agumon to attack it but the Agumon was too strong for them as several Baby Flames and claw attacks sent them flying,the girls ran over to their digimon,calling out their names.
How could these guys get that Dark ring off of Agumon at this rate?
"Baby Flame!" Agumon spat out multiple fireballs at the girls and their digimon,it was all over for them....or was it?
Glows emitted from each of their D-10's that blocked the fireballs and their Digimon began to glow in light that matched the D-10's color.

"Dorimon Shinka! Dorumon!"

"Gummimon Shinka! Terriermon!"

"Chocomon Shinka! Lopmon!"

"Nyaromon Shinka! Plotmon!"

"Jungemon Shinka! Raionmon!"

"Sunmon Shinka! Coronamon!"

"Moonmon Shinka! Lunamon!"

"Xiaomon Shinka! Labramon!"

In place of the small digimon were bigger digimon,more capable of fighting,the girls started at their new digimon in amazement."....Wow...." Savannah amazed.

"Puppy Howling!" Plotmon emitted a high-pitched bark that paralyzed Agumon,"Blazing Ice!" Lopmon shot out freezing-cold ice that froze the dark ring solid and for the finishing blow..."Lunar Claw!" Lunamon's claws shone with dark power and sliced the ice and ring off,freeing Agumon from his mind control,then the digital field had dissipated,the cool air and moonlight reappearing once again.
The digimon and the girls cheered as they won their first battle.The Agumon woke up and looked around." I?" the dino quizzed,puzzled at where he was." You're in the real world." Lopmon answered."Do you know how you got here?"
"Nope,not a clue....funny I was in the digital world minding my own business and whoop,here I am!" Agumon exclaimed."Don't worry Agumon,You'll be able to get back home." Meicoomon reassured."Girls,hold up your D-10 to Agumon to send him back." The girls did as the were told and a Portal opened beneath Agumon's feet and he fell into it while yelling goodbye,then the portal closed while the girls stared at the spot,sweatdropping."What an anti-climatic way to go..." Savannah sighed,Brandy and everyone else nodded her head in agreement.

The girl exchanged goodbyes before running home before their parents found out since it was 4:00 in the morning on a school night and they had to time to talk about what had just happened,that was for tomorrow,before Fionna and Lopmon ran off,Fionna stopped Takara."Takara,please tomorrow answer your phone,we were worried sick about you,alright?" Fionna softly said. Takara nodded and a soft,reasurring smile appeared on Fionna's face."Alright good night!" and the Fox ran off to her home,and Takara did the same.

Takara,Dorumon and Meicoomon were able to sneak back into the house without anyone noticing.The three climbed into the bed and fell into a deep slumber,that wouldn't last long because Takara would have to get up early to get ready for school.Her mother silently opened the door to see her daughter sleeping soundly with her digifriends cuddled up next to her.Mrs. Wilfur softly smiled and closed the door,even though she knew that her daughter had snuck out to fight some Digimon,she did know about them after all.

The soft moonlight kissed the three as the slept soundlessly,that night was the night that would start an amazing journey between Takara,her friends and the Digimon.....

(Comments are much appreciated,Thank you for reading!!!)
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