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Pokemon Moon future team:
Alolan Vulpix
Another stupid theory about Meicoomon

Okay,My other theory about Meicoomon is that she was artificially created by Maki for some really bad purpose,I mean for fucks sake,Meicoomon acts like Guilmon at the beginning of tamers,they are both babyish and love eating alot,they really dont know anything about the world around them,get into trouble alot and they’ll snap into battle at any given will.Renamon and Terriermon never behaved like Guilmon because they were from the digital world.

But here’s the thing,Guilmon was made by a 10 year with no other purpose but to be his partner,Takato didn’t even know that this would happen. Maki is a grown woman,so she wouldn’t make Meicoomon for no reason,right?

So my only guess is that the only reason she made Meicoomon is to kill off Digimon,so she made her to be cute as cute can be is to get close to the adventure partners and then kill them then kill other digimon,as seen by when she smirks when Meicoomon transforms and murders Leomon.

She wanted this to happen,she wanted this to happen and Leomon was the test subject for her creation.

(Plus I dont think Meicoomon is infected as we’ve seen with the other digimon in the movies,she straight up showed no signs of ever having a infection.)

im watching ep 43 of code lyoko and everyone is so fucking salty jeez
(I've been feeling super sad and stressed with school and other things so why not vent with a Jewelpet fic,sorry Ruby...)
(Also I wrote this on the app and it fucking crashed so I have to do this all over again kill me.)

It was a rainy and gloomy day as school gave out for the day as the Jewelpets went home,today was the dreadful report card day,some pets did better than others,but for Ruby however,it heavily affected her.

Ruby looked down at her paper,a big fat zero plastered on all her grades,her friends,Sapphie,Garnet,Sandy,Sango and Peridot were behind her talking about their grades,Sapphie got 100s on her's as usual while the others got decent grades,except Sango."Man I should really study more..." the tabby meowed as she held up her paper,it covered in 50s and 60s."Well maybe if you weren't stuffing your face full of sweets in class everyday,You'd actually learn something for once!" Peridot snarked. The whole group except Ruby erupted with laughter,amongst the laughter while Sango puffed up her face in anger,Garnet noticed the scars on Ruby's arm,she decided not to comment about it.

"Ruby...are you Okay?" Sandy asked,noticing her bunny friend just standing there like a ghost,somberly starring at her grade,her ears heavily drooping and casting a shadow over her face,Ruby then crumpled up the paper in her paws and threw it on the ground and began to walk slowly with her paws in her pockets,Garnet looked concerned and sped walked up behind Ruby."Ruby,c'mon are you alri-" "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Ruby snapped around and screeched at the top of her lungs,Garnet jerked back at the sudden reaction."Ruby,if there's something troubling you,you can tell us." Sapphie softly said,Ruby said nothing but turnt heel and ran as fast as her paws could carry her,the rain beginning to pour over."RUBY!!!" the girls called but Ruby didn't stop,she ran over the highway bridge,tears streaming and burning her eyes as she scampered over the bridge in the cold rain.

Ruby finally was able to make it home,she got herself dry and then went in the kitchen for something to eat,when she saw the knife sitting in the dishwasher,tempting her,Ruby tried to fight the urge,but it overcame her.Ruby grabbed the knife and started to cut open healed wounds,the blood dripping from them and onto the floor,she winced at the pain of the cuts she gave herself,it was her own punishment for being "worthless",after she was done,she curled up on the floor and cried for a long while.....

....Ruby put bandages on her wounds and then crawled into the bed,she couldn't even be bothered to do her homework,she'll just fail anyways,if Ruby vented to someone,they wouldn't listen or yell at her and call her stupid and more,so she started to bottle up her feelings and it hurts,it hurt so bad,Ruby felt alone and empty,and speak of the devil,her jewelpod was buzzing with calls and texts from Sapphie,Garnet,Sandy,Labra,Sango,Peridot and her boyfriend,Granite.
Ruby didn't even bother to read them or answer them and turnt her jewelpod off,she rolled of to the other side and cried herself to sleep,the pounding rain from outside lulling the bunny to sleep,it was Friday anyways.

(I am very sorry for writing this but I honestly really need a way to vent out my frustrations,go ahead and hate me all you want....)

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